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Kansas City truck accident lawyerSemi trucks are the biggest, heaviest, and most dangerous vehicles on the road. Victims of truck accidents in Kansas and Missouri understand this better than most as they have already suffered as a result. After being injured in a big rig collision, you likely have to undergo long-term and potentially invasive medical treatments and may even suffer life-long disability as a result of your injuries. Managing your everyday life and supporting your family while trying to recover from serious injuries can be overwhelming. You do not have to face such challenges on your own.

By filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault parties, you can obtain the compensation you need to pay for medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, and lost wages. At Cullan & Cullan, our lawyers have the medical and legal knowledge, skills, and resources to help you protect your future.

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to a semi truck accident, but truck driver negligence is one of the most common. Fatigued driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs or medication, and violations of rules and regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) can all potentially cause a serious injury or fatal accident. Trucking company negligence, such as poor vehicle maintenance or repair, and illegal or negligent loading practices can also lead to such accidents. Both these parties may be held liable if their negligence caused a crash, but their insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out any claims, fairly or at all.

What You’re Up Against

Big trucks have big insurance companies with their own lawyers and resources to fight your claim and can hinder your recovery, creating unnecessary burdens for you and your family. With an attorney at your side, who is also a doctor, you can be sure that you will be effectively represented. We understand the financial and emotional impact injuries can have and can ensure that insurance companies don’t succeed in attempting to downplay your losses to avoid taking financial responsibility.

Committed to Protecting Your Legal Rights

By conducting a thorough investigation of your accident, we can gather and preserve the evidence to determine fault and present a strong case on your behalf. We are familiar with the trucking industry rules and regulations as well as the equipment in trucks, such as “black boxes” and satellite tracking systems, which can provide us with important information. Truck accidents can be complex, but having a knowledgeable legal team on your side can mean the difference between a positive future and one filled with undue hardship.

Gene Cullan, J.D., Ph.D. is an experienced Kansas City semi-truck wreck attorney and he is among a small percentage of attorneys who obtained training at Texas A&M University in semi-truck accident reconstruction. Dr. Sam Cullan is an engineer as well as a lawyer and medical doctor. His advanced training in engineering is also advantageous in investigating semi-truck wrecks. If you have been injured in a Kansas City truck wreck, the Missouri and Kansas truck accident lawyers at Cullan & Cullan can help you find justice. To find out more about your legal rights and options, contact us for a consultation today at (816) 861-7600.

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With offices in Missouri, Kansas, and Arizona, our semi tractor trailer accident lawyers can help victims from across the country. Our medical knowledge and expertise in accident reconstruction make us extremely effective in negotiations with insurance companies and in the courtroom.

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